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Acrobat Ant Infestation

Acrobat ants can nest inside buildings - wall voids, baseboards, or door and window framing particularly if it has been damaged by moisture or previously infested with other insects. When they invade homes, acrobat ants often nest in damp areas such as in foam sheathing behind siding. Occasionally, acrobat ants will strip the insulation from electrical or telephone wires causing short circuits. The most visible sign of acrobat ants are the trails of ants as they forage for resources. A second sign is the debris they deposit as they excavate their nests. Outdoors, acrobat ants nest near moist wood softened by decay or fungi such as in stumps, in rotting logs and under woodpiles.

It is common for acrobat ants to enlarge cavities formed by other insects such as old galleries of termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-infesting insects. They push the dirt or wood scraps out of the galleries. Sometimes homeowners find this debris and think there is an active termite infestation. If acrobat ants come into a home, they usually prefer sweets and high-protein foods (meats).

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