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Argentine Ant Infestation

Argentine ant colonies are located in wet environments near a food source. New nests are constructed around the original, and remain connected to the queen's old colony, so workers are sometimes shared between colonies. Over time, the network of interconnecting colonies could become a massive infestation. These colonies can grow to monumental size, and have been known to cover an entire garden or your whole back yard.

Argentine ants may live in soil, under wood, logs, debris or mulch. They may also nest in cavities at the base of shrubs and trees. Their nests are often shallow, measuring up to eight inches in depth in open habitats.

When foraging for food, Argentine ants leave trails of pheromones (chemicals that have different smells) everywhere they go, instead of just from nest to food source. This habit ensures they do not waste time visiting the same area twice. They prefer to eat sweets, but will eat almost anything including meats, eggs, oils and fats.

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