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Australian Roach Infestation

The Australian cockroach prefers warmer climates, humid environments, and does not tolerate the cold very well. It is found mostly outdoors and often lives around the perimeters of building. It is often found under the bark of trees, woodpiles, and other locations with moist and decaying vegetable matter. This species is found mainly in the southern United States however it has been found in houses in the northern states including greenhouses and zoo buildings (especially where plant material and humid conditions are prevalent). It can be found inside homes in cupboards, behind drawers, in all food areas and industrial areas, subfloor areas, wall and roof voids. They favor cracks and crevices for harborages where they can contact the top and bottom surfaces with their body. They do not leave their harborages except for food, water and mating.

It is a scavenging omnivore and prefers to feeds predominantly on decaying plant material, although it will feed on various starchy materials in homes such as book bindings. The Australian cockroach will tolerate dry conditions as long as water is available. The female Australian Cockroach can produce an egg capsule containing up to 15 eggs as fast as every 10 days.

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