Australian Roaches Australian Roach

What Are Australian Roaches?

The Australian cockroach is a commonly found large cockroach and is winged with round tips and reddish-brown in color. It is similar in appearance to the American cockroach but is a bit smaller, rarely more than 1-1/4 inches long. The antennae are long and the legs are spiky. The Australian cockroach can be distinguished by prominent yellow stripes along the outer front edge of either wing, and by a prominent dark spot in the center of the head.

Australian cockroaches are very mobile, travel quickly, and may dart out of sight into small cracks and crevices when humans enter a room. This roach is also an adequate flier. This roach is primarily an outdoor pest, feeding upon plant and decaying organic matter. If it invades a structure it will feed upon varieties of starchy materials. It is commonly found around urban and suburban areas, and often seen in and around homes and gardens.

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