Commercial Services: Bee & Wasps
Additional Repair Service

Please Note: A hive located in an enclosed area will be serviced by a qualified Truly Nolen technician or a subcontractor who is trained and bee removal and repairs. This service is not available in all areas.

The pest professional puts on his bee suit and secures the area based on the location and sting potential to passersby. It is advisable to evacuate those in this commercial space during the course of the treatment and even in adjacent portions of the structure (like an adjacent suite) if it is possible that the bees will exit into other areas once the treatment protocol has begun.

Material is applied to the established bee hive to eliminate the infestation.

  • The technician locates the approximate location and expanse of the hive by listening for buzzing inside wall and/or determining where bees are going in and out of the structure.
  • The technician drills one or more pilot holes in the immediate area of the hive, and then immediately forces Nibor D into the void, preferably using an electric duster, or treats with 565 or P.I. with a straw.
  • The technician plugs the hole and lets the material take affect.
  • He hangs a bee pheromone glueboard to catch stragglers. This process could take several hours.

Bee and Hive Removal
The cavity where the hive is located is opened in order to remove the comb & dead bees. All debris is bagged for off-site disposal.

The cavity is now closed up using the original materials removed for access (e.g., the same drywall removed will be reattached, the same bird board will be reattached, etc.). The opening is taped & textured. This service does not include painting.

Minor exclusion/sealing work is performed, usually with caulk, to seal entrance holes in the immediate area of the treated infestation.

Reasonable area clean-up is included.

Communication Even though this work was subcontracted out to a bee expert, the Truly Nolen pest control professional understands the importance of communication with his customer.

  • Once the job is completed, the tech discusses with the customer, either in person or by phone, the treatment activities imposed. The professional also lets the customer know that some straggler bees may return to the site over the next 48 hours, but they will eventually die or leave this location. The tech lets the customer know that the work performed is guaranteed for thirty days.
  • The work performed carries a one year guarantee from Truly Nolen. *Repairs not available in all areas.
  • The tech makes sure that the customer is completely satisfied.
  • The tech talks to the customer about the the cost and inconvenience of a bee hive and how they would greatly benefit from monitoring coverage. The tech approaches the customer immediately after the bee work is done to discuss the Truly Nolen bee monitoring program that best suits this commercial customer's needs.

Guarantee: If a bee hive appears on a property that has a scout trap, it is covered under the quarterly service plan at no additional cost.

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