Commercial Services: Non-Food Handling Environments


Commercial Progressive Pest Program

This nine step monthly non-food handling program uses an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to deal with most crawling insects in the commercial environment.

Your INTENSIVE FIRST SERVICE incorporates the following:


Crack & Crevice Nesting focusing on moisture areas, such as those found in restrooms and around floor sinks & faucets and around windows & doors.

Bait soil in plants, planters and indoor atriums.

Drain Treatment applied to interior walls of each floor drain.

Monitor & Caulk, a IPM and QC step, the tech places glue boards & monitoring stations in moisture zones to measure insect pressure post-treatment. Minor caulking is done to eliminate insect access, as needed.


Webster around windows, doors, eaves, exterior stairwells and anywhere that webs collect to remove signs of insect activity.

Power Treat around the building perimeter, sidewalk cracks & edges, tree trunks & shrubbery bases, water meter boxes and dumpster enclosure/area.

First Outer Barrier Treatment in the green belt area around the building, including thick grass, mulch, rock beds, decorative bark and similar areas, to impact insects approaching the structure.

Second Outer Barrier Treatment is applied by baiting in the landscaped perimeter around the building.

Exclusion done to caulk small cracks, crevices and insect entry points into the structure. Up to three linear feet included in the program.


Our annual service program reinforces these protective measures based on seasonal changes in insect behavior and prescribed application frequencies. Of course, any active infestation is immediately addressed by your pest professional!


Truly Nolen guarantees the customer's satisfaction. If there is a problem with any part of the service, Truly Nolen will continue to service the customer's property at no extra charge until he is satisfied. Truly Nolen guarantees his satisfaction or the customer will be issued a full credit for his last scheduled service.

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