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Your Florida Lawn is under constant stress, trying to survive in an often hostile environment including heat, humidity, weeds, salt intrusion, poor water retention, invading insects, fungus and other pathogens just to name a few. Our constant tropical climate makes caring for your Florida Lawn a year round task. Constant maintenance is required to ensure proper nutritional balance and to control weeds and insect intrusion.

Florida's climate causes bug season to persist for much of the year. It is important to only apply pesticide applications when insects are present in high numbers and to reduce use when they are not. Although preventive measures should be taken for some types of insects, broad application of pesticides when insects aren't present can also be damaging. Florida soils have unique nutritional requirements to their northern counterparts. Common store bought fertilizers deliver too much phosphorus, a material most Florida soils gets enough of.

Step 1: Proper Maintenance

Step 1: Proper Maintenance

The first step to a healthy lawn involves proper mowing, trimming and watering. Done properly, you will be surprised at the improvement in even the poorest of lawns.

Step 2: Soil Conditioning

Step 2: Soil Conditioning

The sand in Florida's soil prevents it from retaining or storing nutrients. Consequently, nutrients must be provided much in the same way as a parent provides nutrients for a child who doesn't eat the right foods.

Step 3: Disease & Pest Control

Step 3: Disease & Pest Control

Pest invaders attack stems and roots causing damage to the overall health of your lawns and plants. Quick identification and treatment is the only way to prevent disease from spreading.


Common Florida Grasses

Florida Lawns present several challenges depending on the type of grass you have. In Florida, the majority of lawns will have the following types of turfgrass:

  • St. Augustine
  • Bahiagrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Zoysiagrass

Get the dirt on your Grass. Ask your Truly Nolen representative for a Grass Facts Sheet for your particular type of Turfgrass for tips on maintenance and proper care.

This fall watch out for:
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