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Truly Lawn Care is a customized year round program designed to take the guesswork out of fertilization, weed and insect control and provide protection against plant and grass damaging fungus and disease. Truly's Service starts with a comprehensive Lawn Analysis that allows us to identify current problems affecting the overall health and appearance of your lawn. We identify the zones of your lawn most susceptible to insect activity, weed intrusion and additional areas of concern. Special care is taken to audit your current maintenance approach and provide tips for maintenance based on the type of grass you have.


Our Lawn Analysis

• Grass Type
• Thatch
• Mowing

• Watering
• Shade
• Nutrition

• Weeds
• Diseases
• Insects 

• Ornamental
• Citrus
• Palms


Truly Lawn Care, Your Escape from an Ordinary Lawn

Truly Nolen technician with Truly Lawn Care tools

Truly Nolen provides our customers with specialty services designed to address their specific concerns. Combine all of the specialty services in a monthly service cycle at substantial savings through our Truly Lawn Care Gold Program.


Speciality Services Available

Truly Lawn Care: Weeds Program

Weeds Program

Truly Lawn Care weed program is designed to treat weeds commonly found in Saint Augustine grass (such as broadleaf weeds.) Non-selective herbicides can be applied to treat crabgrass and grassy weeds (such as Bermuda). The treatment of weeds in Bahia, and mixed grass is not included.

Truly Lawn Care: Flea and Tick Program

Flea & Tick Program

Getting rid of fleas and ticks requires monthly treatment and must be performed in conjunction with our Four Seasons Protection Plan for pests. Household transfer from indoors to outdoors on pets and other items makes it virtually impossible to treat ticks and fleas without treating both the exterior, perimeter and interior of your home.

Truly Lawn Care: Ornamental Treatment


Ornamentals are susceptible to infestation from other types of insects. Our ornamental program is designed to treat insects such as aphids, whitefly, scales and caterpillars. Regular fertilization is included to ensure your plants receive the proper nutrition at regular intervals. Treatment for common leaf spot diseases will be performed as needed. *Weed control of plant beds is not included.

Truly Lawn Care: Citrus Plants Treatment

Cirtrus Plants

Our citrus program provides the balanced nutrition your citrus trees need to thrive. In addition to fertilization, Truly Nolen will treat for pests commonly found on citrus trees such as aphids, scales and caterpillars using insecticides that are not harmful to humans when consuming the fruit. Leaf spot diseases will be treated as needed. *Truly Nolen can not treat fruit bearing trees with insecticides.

Truly Lawn Care: Palm Program - Root Injection

Palm Program

Provides balanced nutrition and essential micronutrients needed by your palms. Treatments for insects and diseases are not included but can be done for an additional charge upon request.

Truly Lawn Care: Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ants

Truly Nolen's Fire Ant Treatment Program is guaranteed to control fire ants for 1 year with a single application. Applied at anytime during the year, granules are broadcast over the areas where fire ants are present. The ants ingest or come in contact with the active ingredient and pass it along through social interaction causing the mound to slowly crumble killing the queen and the colonies ability to reproduce. The residual effect controls existing mounds and prevents new ones from forming all year long.


Why Truly Lawn Care Works for You

  • Truly Nolen starts with a complete Lawn Analysis and provides up front
    pricing at the time of inspection.
  • Truly Nolen offers a 100% money back guarantee. If there is any problem with
    our service we will refund up to 100% of the cost of service.
  • Truly Nolen lawn care professionals are highly trained and are licensed to
    apply pesticides.
  • Truly Nolen has been treating lawns since 1938.

Benefits To You

Enlisting the help of a professional lawn care company:

  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Right Products at the Right Time are always used
  • No Expensive Equipment and Materials to Store
  • Weekends to Spend Time in Your Lawn Not Caring For it
  • An Outdoor Oasis in your Back Yard
  • Money back guarantee
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