German Roaches German Roach

German Roach Infestation

As with most other cockroaches, German cockroaches dwell in unsanitary conditions and follow the food trail. German cockroaches can be found throughout structures but show a preference for warm and humid places. They are usually found in kitchens near any place food has been, such as the refrigerators, stove, sink, dishwasher, and garbage can. Although bathrooms have less food available, German cockroaches may also live in bathroom sinks, undisturbed cabinets, around toilet bowls, leaking sink traps and faucets, condensation, standing water, and wet sponges. They can move through electrical and plumbing pipes and cracks about 3/16 inch wide in the floor and wall to move into adjacent rooms containing food. Similar to most cockroaches, they prefer a moist, warm climate and are the most active at night. Daytime activity can occur due to lack of food, pesticides or a large cockroach population. German cockroaches are usually imported into tightly constructed buildings with bottled-drink containers, in potato, onion, dried pet food, and grocery bags, and in furniture and corrugated cardboard.

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