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How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants

The best approach to ant control in the home is cleanliness. Any type of food or food particles can attract and provide food for ants. When they are indoors, ghost ants usually prefer sweets. Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers. Remove plants that can attract ants or control aphids, whiteflies, and other insects that produce honeydew. These ants eat honeydew that they collect from plant-feeding insects. Reduce moisture sources, including condensation and leaks.

A thorough inspection is the first step in preventing ghost ant problems. Around the outside of the house, look for places that might attract ghost ants. Move firewood piles away from the house. Pull mulch away from the foundation to create a "dry zone" that the ants (and other insects) will avoid. Make sure exterior doors close snugly. Replace weather stripping where it is missing. People who live in brick houses often place small squares of plastic screen into weep holes to keep ants from using them as entrances.

Controlling ghost ants requires time and patience. Because there can be multiple nesting sites, these ants are usually best left to a pest control professional.

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