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Exterminator: Gasses won't keep away bed bugs, homeless shelter infested

The Torres Homeless Shelter in Chico is dealing with an infestation.

"I know they get on your backpacks, tennis shoes. You can bring them to other people's home so they will migrate and basically hitchhike in other areas," said Tracy Woolery, a local exterminator and owner of Truly Nolen.

According to Woolery, he doesn't get a lot of calls when it comes to bed bugs but he has heard they are here in the Northstate.

"I know some rumors that they've had bed bugs up in Paradise. I've heard of Chico State having a problem," said Woolery.

The Torres Homeless Shelter says they found bed bugs on Friday. The building is tented and being fumigated. Woolery believes that's not going to work.

"The problem is coming from somewhere that originally got it, so if you have those certain people in other areas or coming back into it you're doing to get re-infested again," said Woolery.

Woolery said gasses that are being used won't get rid of them. He says that diatomaceous earth is the way to go, considering it will kill the bugs and keep them away.

"Well they like to hitchhike on people's clothes because they are attracted to parts of our body that would be attractive to them," said Woolery.

The best advice Woolery said is to make sure to check on a regular basis around your home for bed bug, and if you see them, call a professional right away.

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