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Northeast of Phoenix lies Fountain Hills, a town named after their own bragging right—home to the world’s fourth tallest fountain. The city is also home to more than 22,000 people that live there and have run-ins with the wide variety of pests that also live in the Sonoran Desert.

Truly Nolen’s branch is one of the newest additions to the family of over 80 locations across the country and internationally. Since our opening, we’ve had our fair share of run-ins with these pests that have led to calls for pest control in Fountain Hills, Arizona:

• Roaches
• Termites
• Scorpions
• Spiders
• Mosquitoes

Luckily, Truly Nolen offers a variety of pest control services in Fountain Hills to address any kind of pest problem a resident of the city may face. In fact, our Four Seasons pest control approach is the most popular pest control service in Fountain Hills. Our experience in dealing with pests since 1938 has led our research and development team to create a proactive pest control program that protects your home by adapting to the changes pests go through during each season, keeping you protected year-round.

Termites should be a concern for home and business owners in Fountain Hills as well; responsible for an estimated $6 billion in damage a year, these wood-devouring insects are hard to get rid of because they enter the home through places you can’t even see. Residents in Fountain Hills have found peace of mind in our Total Termite Protection (TTP) plan, the most innovative and comprehensive termite control service in the industry. TTP adds a layered termite defense to your home, blocking them from hidden points of entry and killing those that make it close enough.

Our Truly Nolen technicians are available for any kind of pest control problem you may have, from termites to spiders and all in between. Each of our technicians across the country have been trained in state-of-the-art facilities and equipped with 75 years of pest control experience and knowledge. Above all, they’re taught to respect your home, its environment, and the comfort and privacy of the people living within.

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Save $25.00 on Pest Control with a new service contract when you schedule a free inspection or buy online.


Save $75.00 on Termite Control with a new service contract.


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What people are saying about Truly Nolen of Fountain Hills

I emailed them pictures of a bug I found in my bed and within 30 minutes they had resolved that it was not a bed bug and were extremely helpful and supportive!

Rating: 5 of 5
Lauren A.
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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Fountain Hills:

  • Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ

ZIPs Served by Truly Nolen of Fountain Hills:

85201, 85250, 85251, 85253, 85254, 85257, 85258, 85259, 85260, 85268, 85281

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