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We at Truly Nolen Englewood are proud to provide interior and exterior services that promote your safety and well-being, such as:

• Bee and wasp removal and prevention
• Lawn care
• Insulation care
• Rodent control
• Termite control
• Wildlife control
• Procedures to deal with other common pests

We are committed to customer satisfaction for our customers in Englewood and the surrounding area. Unlike other pest control providers, we take pride in making sure that your pest control procedures are scheduled and performed on time, every time. Plus, you can count on us to follow up after each appointment. We are experts in pest control and pest removal, and we love to help our customers stay safe and comfortable, regardless of the season.

Truly Nolen Englewood specialists are guaranteed to be friendly and knowledgeable about the pest control issues faced in your area. From Boca Grande to Venice, Truly Nolen Englewood is the go-to pest control service for Sarasota County and Charlotte County. Our highest priority is to provide services that ensure that your pest control issues are solved!

Our Truly Nolen Englewood specialists can’t wait to put their pest control expertise to work for your home. Don’t wait to call us and receive a free inspection!

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Save $25.00 on Pest Control with a new service contract when you schedule a free inspection or buy online.


Save $75.00 on Termite Control with a new service contract.


Save $35.00 on Rodent & Insulation with a new service contract.


Save $25.00 on Florida Lawn Care with a new service contract.


Save $35.00 on Bee & Wasp Control with a new service contract.


What people are saying about Truly Nolen of Englewood

Now that is wowing Customers!!!!!!!!!! Great Job--- Thank You

Rating: 5 of 5
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website

We have been using your service inside and out since we bought our home and we also refer our customers to you. When we moved in our grass....well we didn't have much grass at the front of the property and little more in the back. We have had the same tech since day one and Jesse Lewis from the Englewood Florida branch has been great. I'm sure you get to hear all the bad things of your employes and never the good comments. This is one of them great ones. He can answer any question I have to ask, I hope to be dealing with Jesse for many years to come. A very happy client, Derrick G

Rating: 4 of 5
Derrick G.
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website


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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Englewood:

  • Boca Grande, FL
  • Cape Haze, FL
  • Englewood Beach, FL
  • Englewood, FL
  • Grove City, FL
  • Inglewood, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Rotonda West, FL
  • Venice, FL

ZIPs Served by Truly Nolen of Englewood:

33921, 33946, 33947, 33981, 34223, 34224, 34285, 34292, 34293

This fall watch out for:
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