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At Truly Nolen of Key Largo, we want to make sure that you are satisfied, and that your pest control issues are solved!

We are experts in pest control and pest removal, and we love to help our customers stay safe and comfortable throughout the year. Our pest control experts are friendly, and their unique knowledge of pest control issues common in your area allow them to provide customized services each time they visit.

Unlike other pest control providers, we take pride in making sure that your pest control procedures are scheduled and performed on time. We know that your time is valuable, so we also make sure to follow up with you following each appointment. Key Largo’s Truly Nolen experts are eager to put their years of pest control experience to work for you in order to keep your home and family safe from the nuisances of insect and pest infestations.

At Truly Nolen Key Largo, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, so we offer a wide variety of services, including bee and wasp prevention and removal, lawn care, insulation care, rodent control, termite control, wildlife control, and a wide variety of other services.

From Key West to Key Largo and Monroe County, Truly Nolen is the go-to pest control service for all of the Florida keys. Give us a call today!

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Save $25.00 on Pest Control with a new service contract when you schedule a free inspection or buy online.


Save $75.00 on Termite Control with a new service contract.


Save $35.00 on Rodent & Insulation with a new service contract.


Save $25.00 on Florida Lawn Care with a new service contract.


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What people are saying about Truly Nolen of Key Largo

Good people that hate bugs! If you like people and like people who hate bugs, your search is over. Very friendly staff that show up on time. (Wow)

Rating: 5 of 5
Gary S.
Submitted via Yelp

An unknown pest has invaded my home on Big Pine Key, Florida and has been biting me. I had a very severe allergic reaction to it and ended up in the hospital. Being a disabled police officer retired on disability, I was reluctant to call a pest control company [severe budget issues] but was advised by a nurse at the hospital to call Truly Nolen. I caught a very small pin prick size insect in my home which I believed might have been the culprit. I called your office in Key West, Florida to get advice on the situation. I spoke with Angie, your employee. I was not prepared for the experience!!! Angie was fantastic!!! What an asset to your company!!! Angie patiently explained my options, calmed my fears about pesticides with facts and honesty, gave me options for a free inspection and analysis of the critter I had caught by Truly Nolen and even helped me by getting me in touch with the University of Florida scientists who have an extension office a few blocks from where I am staying with friends in Key West [got run out by the pest]. Since I am in such close proximity to this extension service office I took Angie's advice and the critter is in the process of being identified. I notified my doctor who is very pleased and also very impressed with Truly Nolen. Angie did not immediately try to sell me a costly plan, did not usher me off the phone when I told her that I am disabled and on a budget, did not lose patience with me when I expressed concern about toxic pesticide use and my pets. She didn't just say "hey leave your number and somebody will eventually call you back", she took the bull by the horns and patiently took time to get to the bottom of the issue at hand and give me friendly, professional advice as a person who really cared....!!! I didn't think America still had a business like Truly Nolen around, a business that actually really cares about its customers. Wow!!! As soon as the critter is identified I will arrange for Truly Nolen to exterminate it. Thank you Truly Nolen, for not just being a corporation but for being caring people too!!! Your large ears in your ad truly stands for listening to the needs of people too. Thanks again

Rating: 5 of 5
Eduard D.
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website



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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Key Largo:

  • Big Pine Key, FL
  • Big Torch Key, FL
  • Conch Key, FL
  • Cross Key, FL
  • Cudjoe Key, FL
  • Duck Key, FL
  • East Rockland Key, FL
  • Fiesta Key, FL
  • Grassy Key, FL
  • Islamorada, FL
  • Key Colony Beach, FL
  • Key Largo, FL
  • Key West Naval Air Station, FL
  • Key West, FL
  • Layton, FL
  • Little Torch Key, FL
  • Long Key, FL
  • Lower Matecumbe Key, FL
  • Lower Sugarloaf Key, FL
  • Marathon Shores, FL
  • Marathon, FL
  • Matecumbe Key, FL
  • Middle Torch Key, FL
  • Munson Island, FL
  • No Name Key, FL
  • Ocean Reef Club, FL
  • Plantation Key, FL
  • Raccoon Key, FL
  • Ramrod Key, FL
  • Stock Island, FL
  • Sugarloaf Key, FL
  • Sugarloaf Shrs, FL
  • Sugarloaf, FL
  • Summerland Key, FL
  • Tavernier, FL
  • Upper Key Largo, FL
  • Upper Matecumbe Key, FL
  • Upper Sugarloaf Key, FL
  • Venetian Shores, FL
  • Windley Key, FL

ZIPs Served by Truly Nolen of Key Largo:

33001, 33036, 33037, 33040, 33041, 33042, 33043, 33050, 33051, 33070

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