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Truly Nolen in Naples, FL in Collier County—a recipient of the 2011 Super Service Award from Angie’s List—is considered by many to be the best source for pest control services in the Naples area. We work tirelessly to protect the inside and outside of your home against pests year-round.

Effective pest control begins with knowing all about the bugs and rodents in each area. Our technicians know which pests to look out for, and our location treats for rodents, termites, bees, wasps, and wildlife. We also offer treatments for your lawn and insulation.

Our customers agree that we provide excellent customer service. You are not just a name to us; you are part of a home that needs to be protected. Our technicians are always on time and take their jobs seriously. After your appointment, we always schedule a follow-up to ensure that the treatments are working. If other problems arise, we will return to your residence and fix the situation. We want all of our customers to feel safe and secure where they live.

Call us and set up a free inspection today! We look forward to working with you.

This award-winning location of Truly Nolen serves the following cities:

• Coco River, FL
• Golden Gate, FL
• Jerome, FL
• Naples, FL
• Ochopee, FL

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Save $25.00 on Pest Control with a new service contract when you schedule a free inspection or buy online.


Save $75.00 on Termite Control with a new service contract.


Save $35.00 on Rodent & Insulation with a new service contract.


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What people are saying about Truly Nolen of Naples

I want to take a few minutes of your time to compliment one of your employees. Last year I purchased a house in Naples and learned during the inspection that I had termite issues -- both subterranean and dry termites. I met with representatives of four termite companies and questioned them very thoroughly about their services. I took the matter very seriously and investigated everything that the four reps said to me. Based on those meetings, I selected Truly Nolen as the company to treat my house. Your employee, Chris Thomas, was unquestionably the most professional and knowledgeable representative of the four companies. But that's not the reason I decided to write this note. What has really impressed me is the follow-up I have received from Mr. Thomas. When my house was being treated, Chris was here, making sure the technician understood the issues and making sure the treatment was performed just like I had been promised. Chris has been back to my house twice to talk to me about termite and pest issues. I am not just another number to him -- I am a customer and he treats me like one. I just want you to know this dude really knows his bugs! I can tell he likes his work and takes it seriously. I am considering hiring your company to do a full pest control treatment of my home on a regular basis and, to be honest, the only reason I am considering that is due to Chris Thomas' service. In this age of big companies and 800 numbers, when a customer is not much more than a name on a piece of paper, it is rare to find someone who is conscientious and thorough. Just so you will know, I did not know Chris Thomas before I moved here from Kentucky last year. I just looked your company up in the phone book. I assume you get letters occasionally complaining about things. I thought you might want to get one complimenting your company and one of your employees.

Rating: 5 of 5
Jack B.
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website



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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Naples:

  • Coco River, FL
  • Coral Gables, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Naples, FL

ZIPs Served by Truly Nolen of Naples:

33114, 34102, 34103, 34104, 34106, 34108, 34109, 34112, 34117, 34119, 34120

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