Mediterranean Meal Moths Mediterranean Meal Moth

What Are Mediterranean Meal Moths?

Mediterranean Meal Moths prefer grain-based foods like flour, cereals and various baked goods. They will also feed on dried fruits or mushrooms occasionally.

The size and scope of infestations often depend on the available supply and access to stored food on the premises. Large infestations have occurred in locations such as grain mills, where an abundance of their preferred food supply is present.

Infestations in homes are generally less serious although these pests can be extremely difficult to completely eradicate.

The adult moth is a light gray color and measures up to 12mm long. Its wingspan is normally between 16mm and 20mm. In their larval form, they are off-white in color with black spots along the body and a darker-colored head. The larva is approximately 12mm long when fully developed.

The female moth normally lays between 100 and 700 eggs in an area where food is present. They hatch after three to eight days and emerge as larva. Following their larval stage, the caterpillars will spin a cocoon to encase themselves at which time they will take on a reddish-brown color. They will emerge as moths after approximately 8-12 days.

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