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Pest Control: Health Spotligh - Did you know that cockroaches are one of the most common indoor allergens?

Did you know that cockroaches are one of the most common indoor allergens?

It's true! In addition to mold, animal dander, dust mites and cigarette smoke, cockroaches make the list of the most common indoor allergens. Exposure to cockroaches' cast-off skins and airborne roach residue can trigger a response in 80% of those with asthmatic sensitivity. Infants who have prolonged exposure to roach residue are more likely to remain sensitive to cockroaches for the rest of their lives. Children and adults who already suffer from asthma can see their medical condition worsen with repeated exposure. Cockroaches are one of the hardest allergen triggers to eliminate because they are such a pest.




Dust mites, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bees and other stored product pests have all been known to irritate allergies in sensitive individuals. In rare cases they can cause a severe reaction known as anaphylaxis which can lead to death. Dust mites and cockroaches present an airborne threat. Fleas, wasps and bee reactions are generally caused by direct contact or "stings". Stored product pests such as grain weevils, rice weevils, and fruit flies to name a few, have been shown to cause reactions when unintentionally ingested in household food items.




Cockroach allergens can trigger asthma attacks in sensitive individuals with an increased incidence found among children. Allergens build up from fecal droppings and shed skin, which become airborne and negatively impact indoor air quality. Cockroaches are prolific, where one is present there are sure to be many, making them a difficult pest to completely eradicate. Asthma is the leading chronic illness among children and adults. Recent studies have shown that prolonged exposure to cockroach allergens can heighten your sensitivity.




Pests can carry and transfer numerous disease causing pathogens and bacteria in and around your home. Cockroaches alone are known to carry 33 different kinds of bacteria picked up from contact with sewage and other decaying matter carried in on the spines of their legs and bodies. Rodents also pose a threat, dropping over 25,000 fecal pellets annually and irritating allergies. They also spread diseases including Hantavirus, which can cause headaches, fever, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.


Food Source Contamination

Food Sources

Pests can contaminate food sources within the home causing food borne illnesses. It is imperative that all open food containers, boxes, etc. are tightly sealed and properly stored to avoid access and contamination. Flies, roaches, rats, mice and ants walk and feed on filthy items, carrying germs and bacteria on their feet and bodies and depositing them on food and utensils they come in contact with.

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