Mosquito Control


Mosquitoes are the most significant vector of disease in history, responsible for more human deaths than any other animal. There are over 160 different types of mosquitoes, each with their own mating and feeding habits that differ widely. Mosquitoes are most likely to feed within a 100 foot radius of their breeding sites, but can fly as far as 1-1/2 miles to feed. Mosquitoes are attracted by scent, sight and heat.

Mosquitoes breed in areas where water is present and can spread diseases such as West Nile. Truly Nolen helps homeowners reduce mosquito populations year round.

Truly Nolen Solutions for Mosquitoes

Truly Nolen thoroughly inspects the exterior of your home in areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed. While stagnant water is the optimal breeding environment, mosquitoes can also breed in conditions with minimal moisture such as sprinkler heads, or in algae buildup in un-maintained gutters. Truly Nolen provides quarterly treatments year round with monthly service calls during peak mosquito season. Liquid material application and granules are applied in high moisture areas to control the development of larva in addition to sanitation and exclusionary measures needed to remove areas around the home that may serve as an optimal breeding site.

Truly Nolen's mosquito catcher is designed to attract pregnant adult mosquitoes in search of a blood meal by emulating a mammal through motor temperature and vibration trapping them inside. Eventually the mosquitoes will avoid biting in the areas around the home where the mosquito catcher is present.

Truly Nolen Mosquito Management Targets Conditions Conducive – Inspection & Treatment of Mosquitoes

  • Doors, windows, garage doors, threshold
  • Eaves
  • Under Patio Covers
  • Flower Plates
  • Improperly Draining Gutters
  • Evaporative Cooling Units
  • Architectural features and Walls that Limit Wind
  • Dense Foliage
  • Ponds, Fountains or Bird Baths
  • Landscape Features
  • Tree Wells and Tree Holes
  • Low Lying Sprinkler Heads and a Wading Pool
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