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Pack Rat Control

Your Pack Rats Problem

Truly Nolen has the best solution for your Pack Rat Problem. Pack rats, also known as wood rats or trading rats, are found in hot and dry climates. Pack Rats construct their nest by collecting and using loose material to form their nests. Homes and businesses can also be invaded by pack rats through the garage, attic, and the inside of walls. The rats can also damage homes and business by chewing on electrical wiring, insulation and steal material possessions.

A pack rat bite can make a person very sick. They also carry fleas and droppings that can result in a bout of botulism or salmonella.

Pack Rats are commonly found in the winter or cooler months in:

  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Inside Walls
  • Hot and dry climates
  • Desert regions in North America

Your Truly Nolen Pack Rats Solution

The exclusionary phase of the program "rodent proofs" the structure by eliminating any holes, crevices, or gaps that are 1/4 inch or larger. An ongoing monitoring program ensures that these exclusionary measures remain intact. The technician routinely checks and promptly removes the rodents as they are trapped. Rodents seek shelter during the winter to have their offspring. Check around your home and attic for brown to black droppings. Make sure all tree limbs are cut back away from the house as rodents travel along them to enter your home.

Your Truly Nolen pest professional will also identify areas of concern and provide tips on preventing further spread by working with you to implement in home control measures.

This fall watch out for:
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