Rodent Control: Identifying the Problem

Rodent Control: Problem House
Attic Nest Rodent Droppings Insulation Damage Rodent Sounds Damage
Attic Nest
Rodents will make a home in insulation.
Rodent Droppings
Rodent droppings are black in color and can either be rod or capsule-shaped.
Insulation Damage "Hot Spots"
Rats will tunnel through insulation and reduce its effectiveness causing "hot spots".
Rodent Sounds
A rodent's chewing noise can reverberate through wood or concrete, sounding like heavy scratching.
Rats will chew on wires, plumbing and ductwork.
Roof Rat Roof Rat
Black or brown, seven to 10 inches long, with a long tail, large ears and eyes, and a pointed nose. Body is smaller and sleeker than Norway rat. Fur is smooth.
Noway Rat Norway Rat
Brown, heavy-bodied, six to eight inches long, with small eyes and ears and blunt nose. Tail is shorter than head and body. Its fur is shaggy. Droppings are capsule-shaped.
House Mouse House Mouse
Large ears, small eyes and pointed nose. Light brown or light gray. Droppings are rod-shaped.
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