Rodent Control: The Truly Nolen Solution

Rodent Exclusion and Trapping

Exclusion & Trapping

The first course of action is to prevent rodents from entering the structure. The exclusionary phase of the program "rodent proofs" the structure by eliminating any holes, crevices, or gaps that are 1/4 inch or larger. An ongoing monitoring program ensures that these exclusionary measures remain intact for the long-term.

Next, the technician eliminates the rodents that are already inside the structure. This effort could take a few days or up to a few weeks. The technician routinely checks and promptly removes the rodents as they are trapped.

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Rodent Control - Vector Control

Vector Control

Now it's time to eliminate the vectors that commonly live with rodents. The technician provides a thorough pest control treatment to eradicate fleas, mites, dermestids, roaches and other feasting insects.

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Rodent Control - Sanitation


Even though the rodents and associated insects were eliminated, rodent feces and urine are left behind. The technician now applies a sanitizing agent to all affected surfaces in order to eliminate the diseases associated with the rodent's by-products.

Rodent Control - Remediation


Removal of rodent droppings is a serious business, so Truly Nolen uses a hepa vacuum system to prevent dried fecal matter from becoming airborne. Removal of soiled insulation may also be necessary as part of the sanitation portion of the program.

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Rodent Control - Re-Insulation Program

Re-Insulation Program

Truly Nolen's insulation program provides the homeowner with another layer of protection against unwanted pests, as well as a superior replacement insulation product. This natural fiber product is treated with boric acid and other proprietary formulations to produce a fire-retardant, environmentally friendly, thermally superior, sound-deadening insulation with pest control properties that help control insects, such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish, earwigs, crickets, sowbugs, darkling beetles, millipedes, centipedes, termites* and book lice, as well as the insect larval stages that may remain on surfaces previously infected by the presence of rodents. Ask your Truly Nolen inspector for more information."

Truly Nolen is a licensed and certified insulation contractor.


*Not recommended as sole protection against termites.

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Rodent Control - Follow Up and Annual Inspection

Follow Up & Annual Inspection

Truly Nolen's Complete Rodent Control Program is warrantied for one year. If anything happens during that time, just give us a call and we'll resolve the problem at no additional cost to you. Of course, you can extend your peace of mind with our annual warranty program. Our inspector will inspect your home once a year to check for rodent activity and make sure that exclusionary measures are still in place. And, if your rodent problem returns*, Truly Nolen will respond at no additional charge to you. Ask your inspector for details!

*Within the original scope of work.

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