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Truly Nolen trains our service technicians to THINK LIKE A BUG so that we can stop pest problems in their tracks and take steps to prevent them. Here are some things you can do to THINK LIKE A BUG and take the first steps.

Problem Areas:

What You Can Do:

Pest Problem Areas: Apigot
A water leak is a water park for pests

Water Leaks

Make sure you do not have any leaking faucets around your home. Also, check your irrigation system to ensure you are not over watering and proving a reliable water source for unwanted insects, including crickets, flies and mosquitos!
Pest Problem Areas: Dirty Dishes
Dirty dishes and sinks are fast food restaurants for roaches

Dirty Dishes

Make sure all food is put away in your refrigerator and pantry. Use air-tight seals to prevent spoiling by grain weevils and attracting other unwanted pests like cockroaches and rodents.
Pest Problem Areas: Attic
Attics are like winter cabins for rodents

Attic Space

Do an annual inspection before it gets cold and lures rodents and other insects into your house. Make sure all vents are property sealed with the appropriate wire as well as sealed around the sides. Keep your attic clean and an eye out for fresh rodent droppings so you can stop and catch them before they expand their family

Pest Problem Areas: Pet Dish - Food Bowl
Pet food bowls are a Vegas buffet for bugs

Pet Food Bowls

Your pets' water and food bowls can be an open invitation for other insects, especially ants. Feed indoors if you can and don't leave food out all day. Wash the bowl after each use. This will make your furry friend happy and turn off the "OPEN 24 HOURS" sign for pesky bugs.

Pest Problem Areas: Shrubs
Vegetation is like an all-you-can-eat cafe for bugs


Mature vegetation close to the house provides housing for some insects as well as a bridge from the outside into your home. These greens are food for bugs too. Trim back vegetation so that you can walk between it and your home. Clean up any old leaves too. This will make your house look sharp and tidy but uninviting to rodents and insects.

Pest Problem Areas: Garbage Containers - Trash
Trash bins are family reunion parties for flies

Trash Bins

Keep your trash contained to decrease the smell and attraction. Even if you only have a small amount to dispose, put your trash and recycling bins out for every pickup. Keep the area where you store your trash bins clean so you can monitor any new activity. Wash out your bins periodically with a bleach mix to kill bacteria and provide a smell unattractive to insects and rodents. Remember, one man's trash is another insect's treasure.

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