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Pest control tips for the fall

Although pest control professionals are often needed to remedy various bug and insect infestations, home and business owners can take their own measures in removing critters from their properties. Continue reading

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Survey finds West Nile concern among Americans, pest control companies affected

West Nile virus has come on strong this year, leading to an uptick in business for pest control companies. Continue reading

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Food manufacturers dealing with fall pests

Pest control is a major issue among homeowners across the country, but business owners also have to take protective measures when it comes to preventing bugs, insects and other pest infestations. Continue reading

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Pest control tips for gardens

Many homeowners have to deal with pests and the issues they bring with them. Continue reading

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How to protect yourself from bed bugs while traveling

Summer vacation season may be winding down, but fall weekend getaways and holiday travel are right around the corner. Continue reading

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Keep silverfish out of your home

Silverfish are common pests that may cause problems for homeowners. Continue reading

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Professional pest control companies the best at handling bed bugs

The Federal Trade Commission recently charged several companies with deceptive advertising. Continue reading

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Why you need a fall pest inspection

Because summer is winding down, many homeowners think hot-weather insects are a thing of the past. Continue reading

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Don’t let boxelder bugs ruin your autumn

As the cool fall weather approaches, so does boxelder bug season. Continue reading

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Fixing your flea problem

Your pet may be a member of the family, but it’s easy for them to unintentionally cause a big household problem. Continue reading

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