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How to spot houseplant pests

Pests can enter a home through a seemingly innocent decorative staple: houseplants.  Continue reading

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Excluding mosquitoes from your outdoor event

Mosquito populations are known to increase with warmer temperatures. Outdoor events are frequently crashed by the pesky pests, who are attracted to the congregation of people.  Continue reading

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Indoor and outdoor ants can wreak havoc on the home

Ants are some of the most difficult pests to remove from the home. They can be especially problematic because, regardless of whether they nest indoors or outdoors, they can still find their way inside. Continue reading

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Effects of warmer weather on potential pests

Snow and ice begin to melt as the air gets warmer, and plants start to bloom. It’s a great time of year, but it’s also a great time for pests to get into your home. Continue reading

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Carpenter ants cause extensive damage

These pests can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage before being noticed, so it’s important to know the signs of carpenter ants. Continue reading

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San Francisco food distributor reopens after rodent infestation

A food distributor in San Francisco was forced to close down and perform a massive recall after two employees leaked information about the rodent-infested condition of the facility Continue reading

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Michigan residents try to keep rats out of their homes

There are several ways to keep rats and other rodents from entering the home. Continue reading

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Landlords and tenants must cooperate to remove bed bugs

Oftentimes it takes several attempts to fully remove bed bugs, since they tend to burrow into every upholstered item in the home. Continue reading

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How to prevent a scorpion infestation

In the past month, residents in Las Vegas, Nevada noticed small scorpions in their homes, specifically in beds, shoes, garages and near pet’s water bowls. Continue reading

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Pests to look out for in the early spring

Warmer weather introduces new challenges in terms of pest control. As winter wears on and spring approaches, homeowners may want to check for signs of infestations. Continue reading

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