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How to prevent a scorpion infestation

In the past month, residents in Las Vegas, Nevada noticed small scorpions in their homes, specifically in beds, shoes, garages and near pet’s water bowls. Continue reading

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Pests to look out for in the early spring

Warmer weather introduces new challenges in terms of pest control. As winter wears on and spring approaches, homeowners may want to check for signs of infestations. Continue reading

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Facts and myths about bed bugs

Many major cities have recently had to contend with bed bug infestations but many people are not able to separate truth from fact when it comes the pests. Continue reading

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Rodent droppings a serious health hazard

If left unchecked, rodents and their droppings can constitute a serious health risk to humans, especially children. Continue reading

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Fish market in Ontario closed due to rat problem

A popular fish market in Toronto, Ontario, was recently closed because of health code violations, including a rat infestation. Continue reading

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Cold Draws Cockroaches Inside, Increases Health Risk

Children More Susceptible to Allergic, Asthmatic Reactions They’re creepy crawlers that make most of us go “eeww!” However, cockroaches pose a much greater risk to our health than simple disgust at a sighting, in particular for those who suffer from … Continue reading

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Termites terrorize Texas

Swarming termites were a disconcerting sight for many San Antonio residents this holiday season. Continue reading

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Bed bugs wreak havoc in Indiana and Kentucky

Residents of the Asheville Housing Authority complex in Aston Park, Indiana, are troubled by a lingering bed bug problem. Continue reading

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Roof rats cause trouble for Washington residents

While roof rats are usually only found along the coast of Washington, exterminators are seeing an increase of reported sightings in other parts of the state. Continue reading

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USDA shares preventative advice on Asian longhorned beetles

Faced with Asian longhorned beetle infestations throughout parts of Ohio, local municipal leaders met with U.S. Department of Agriculture officer Philip Holmes last month to discuss containing current bug populations and preventing further infestation. Continue reading

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