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More Bugs: The Unwelcome Impact of Climate Change

What does the ever-changing weather patterns have to do with pest control? Quite a bit, actually. As northern parts of the country are experiencing extremely low temperatures, and other areas are oddly warmer than usual, the change in our typical … Continue reading

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Cold Draws Cockroaches Inside, Increases Health Risk

Children More Susceptible to Allergic, Asthmatic Reactions They’re creepy crawlers that make most of us go “eeww!” However, cockroaches pose a much greater risk to our health than simple disgust at a sighting, in particular for those who suffer from … Continue reading

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Unwelcome guests pester residents

Even though autumn has made an appearance in some parts of the country, many homeowners live in areas that are still experiencing extremely hot, dry conditions. Continue reading

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Rescuing your home from roaches

Every homeowner dreads finding a cockroach in their house. Continue reading

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Roaches found infesting Texas family’s home

A home outside the Houston area was recently found to be crawling with cockroaches and other pests. Continue reading

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