Scorpions Scorpion


  • Lives outdoors under loose wood or crumbing stone foundations
  • Attracted by moisture - primarily nocturnal
  • Will follow insects into the home
  • Young carried on back of female
  • Scorpions are nocturnal and remain hidden in cracks and crevices over 90% of the time. The presence of scorpions is usually a sign of an infestation of other insects, especially crickets, as they are a scorpion's favorite meal. Scorpions are attracted to landscape irrigation and lighting fixtures where smaller insects are usually present.
  • Scorpions have an average life span of 6 years. They mate in the spring producing 10-20 live offspring. Scorpions are nocturnal - emerging at dusk to feed on soft bodied insects such as crickets that congregate around lighting fixtures in the evenings or landscape irrigation. They are blind, so instead or roaming around actively hunting for their prey, they normally lay in wait for another unsuspecting pest to wander by.
  • Scorpions are most commonly found in the southern U.S. Young children, the elderly and those allergic to their venom should seek immediate medical attention if stung.

Scorpions feed on insects. They enter buildings through exterior cracks so be sure to seal up any visible holes. Keep vegetation outside to a minimum. Inside, be sure to shake out clothes and shoes before putting them on. If stung, seek help immediately.

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