Termites: The Silent Destroyers


Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year, according to the National Pest Management Association.

This relentless pest chews through your floors and walls 24 hours a day. Colony size can spread to 3,000,000 members and scientists continue to discover new species.

The average homeowner can expect $7,900 in damage before detection. The good news is we can win the battle. Prevention is the key. Annual inspections and early discovery provides a head start to solving the problem.

Signs of infestation you can look for are dropped wings during swarming, waste near doors and windows and lastly, mud tubes running up walls and hanging from ceilings.

Left untreated, termites will voraciously feed on your house and reproduce up to 80,000 eggs per day. This can harm the structure of your home.

To solve the problem, you'll be disappointed to learn that homeowner policies do not cover termite damage.


Think Like a Bug

Uninvited guests who don't know when to leave.

Why would they? Your home is a perfect place to raise their family. Its got moisture, darkness and plenty of food. That's everything they need. In fact, termites are more successful in your home than out in nature where ants and birds are natural predators.

Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, paper and mulch. They are also known to penetrate non-cellulose materials like drywall, stucco and plastic to find and get to wood.

Even if you haven't had termites before, that's no guarantee you won't get a new colony this year. They can come from your neighboring property or the other side of your house.

A termite ground attack is carried out through cracks in the foundation due to voids in concrete blocks, spaces between joined slabs, gaps in plumbing pipes or fractures in walls.

They swarm and fly through the air gaining access to attics, eaves, doors or windows. They can also be carried in by unsuspecting homeowners bringing in firewood or furniture. They only need a 1/64 inch opening!

Termites Access Points via foundation - Supported - Monolithic - Floating
This fall watch out for:
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