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Pest Control Tips for Gardens

Many homeowners have to deal with pests and the issues they bring with them. Oftentimes, these homeowners require the services of pest control professionals to remedy the situation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any tactics the homeowner can employ to help deal with the issue.

In a recent piece for the Paxton Record, Marc Amore, an area pest control expert, provided some useful information on how gardens and insects can help in pest control situations.

“People have been using plants and the chemicals that they create as pest control for several hundred years,” Amore wrote for the news source. “One of the first plants used for pest control, was the extract of the tobacco plant, nicotine. It was used by the Dutch in the 1600s. Another example is the chrysanthemum flower, from which pyrethrum is derived, and is still used commonly to this day. So this is not a new concept.”

Amore went on to list a number of herbs that can be planted among the vegetables in any garden that will go toward reducing the number of pests present there.

Anise can be effective in dealing with snails, slugs and aphids; oleander for codling moths; borage for tomato heart worms and cabbage worms; cloves for spider mites, cowpea curculio and squash vine borers; and mint for aphids, ants, flea beetles, beetles, important cabbage worms, squash bugs, rodents and white flies.

Amore added that there are a number of vegetables that can be useful in warding off pests. These include potatoes, horseradish, lettuce, radish and onions. Also, flowers known to contain properties that lend themselves to pest control efforts include marigold, petunia and geranium.

Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals
Although herbs, flowers and gardens themselves can help with pest problems, homeowners with gardens who are having trouble getting on top of an infestation should contact a pest control professional. Licensed pest control experts use only certified and approved equipment and pest control tactics that will effectively get rid of any infestation problem in a timely manner.

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