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Why you need a fall pest inspection

Because summer is winding down, many homeowners think hot-weather insects are a thing of the past. However, bugs can invade your home at any point, and autumn is one of their favorite times to head indoors. Stop a problem before it gets out of control and call your local insect control expert to evaluate your home and check for any infestation problems today.

Cool weather drives us all indoors
Like humans, insects don't like being left out in the cold. When the temperatures start to drop, backyard bugs start to head inside for shelter. To prevent pests from sneaking indoors to warm up, it's important to make sure there aren't any entry points through which insects can gain access to your home.

Is your chimney vent screened? Is your weather stripping in good condition? An exterminator can ensure there aren't any pest-friendly areas homeowners aren't aware of. Nearly unnoticeable tiny holes or cracks outside can lead to a serious problem indoors if insects find them and enter the home. Even if all your crevices outdoors are sealed, pay special attention to screens. On pleasant fall days, it's tempting to leave the windows and doors open to get some fresh air, but one tiny snag in a screen can be an entry point for a pest infestation.

Your yard may put your home at risk
Many insects enter homes through the yard, and an expert could reveal that your outdoor space could be putting your home in jeopardy. A trained eye may reveal that that stack of firewood you use to build a fire on chilly autumn days is too close to your house, and could be contributing to a pest problem. A professional may also find that your bushes and trees outside need to be trimmed before they lead insects into your home.

Better safe than sorry
You may think a few ants on the floor are nothing to be concerned about … but what if you're wrong? If you spot some pests, a fall inspection is essential. An exterminator can let you know if there really is a problem, or if you're successfully keeping the insects at bay. It's better to discover and deal with an infestation early on, instead of letting it get worse as time goes by. Have pest control professionals take care of your insect issues now, and you won't need to worry about a bug problem days before your holiday guests arrive.

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