Common Furniture Beetles

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Common Furniture Beetle Facts

  • Common furniture beetles have an average life span of up to 4 years.
  • In the larval stage, they are white ¼” grub-like insects that attack wood.
  • Adult furniture beetles have ¼” brown bodies but they don’t consume wood.

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What Are Common Furniture Beetles?

Common furniture beetles, Anobium punctatum, also known as common house borer beetles, comprise just one of over 30 wood boring beetle species in the United States. Usually infesting sapwood or new growth timbers, instead of older, harder, heartwood timbers, common furniture beetles go through complete metamorphosis, maturing in four stages. In the larval stage, white ¼” grub-like insects eat through seasoned sapwood timbers, causing damage to recently built furniture, as well as structural damage to new homes, although they will attack damp wood in older homes.

With a lifespan of up to four years, furniture beetles can infest furniture and house timbers laying eggs in small cracks, undetected by lumber companies, housing contractors and furniture manufacturers. As the larvae or woodworms mature and eat their way out of the infested wood as pupae, they mate as adults and produce more eggs, that can cause structural damage in newer homes in damp crawl spaces, flooring, wood siding and other moist areas of the home, as well as in furniture. Adult furniture beetles, with their ¼” brown ellipsoidal bodies and a prothorax resembling a monk's cowl do not consume wood.

Evidence of an active common furniture beetle infestation can be detected in small holes in wood with small, light-colored non-clumping piles of sawdust called “frass” near the exit holes. Homeowners are advised to contact a pest control professional to inspect and determine what type of insect is causing the damage, and if there’s an active infestation or damage from a former infestation. As controls for different types of wood boring beetles differ and over the counter bug sprays are ineffective in eliminating common furniture beetles, contact your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a free inspection!

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