Cat Fleas

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Cat Flea Facts

  • Cat Fleas are 1/16 of an inch in length.
  • Cat Fleas are reddish-brown in color.

What Are Cat Fleas?

The female cat flea positions her eggs on the host. But, once dry, the eggs have progressed to sieve out the animal fur of the host in the latent and shielding zone of the host.

The eggs formulate into larvae. Flea larvae nourish on a diversity of biological matters, but the majority highly survives on dry blood that is sieved out of the fur of the host once it is left there as adult flea fecal matter. Therefore, the adult inhabitants on the host nourish the larval populace in the host's location.

Flea larvae transform via four stages prior to turning a cocoon and penetrating the pupal phase. The pre-emergent flea does not typically appear as a undeveloped adult flea until the existence of a possible host is apparent by heat or pulsation. Recently occurred fleas are moved to leap to a different host within seconds of appearing from the cocoon. The new flea starts feeding on host blood in minutes.

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