Cellar Spiders

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Spider Facts

  • Considered predators, spiders eat other insects, small lizards and baby birds.
  • Spiders rarely bite humans unless their nests or webs are disturbed.

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Cellar Spider Bites & Treatment

Although cellar spiders are not medically important spiders, because cellar spiders are not known to bite people, a persistent urban myth indicates cellar spider venom is among the deadliest on the planet. While no proof exists confirming the toxicity of the cellar spider venom, the insufficient length of the cellar spider’s fangs renders their venom delivery impossible during a bite, unlike brown recluse spiders who sport short fangs and are known to bite people.

However, with no documented cases of cellar spiders biting people and causing adverse reactions, the only way to determine if these spider bites are deadly poisonous to humans would be to milk cellar spiders and inject the poison into human subjects. This research has never been pursued for a number of reasons that involve Amnesty International and a humanitarian code of ethics. Additionally, toxicological studies testing the lethality of cellar spider venom on mammals, such as mice don’t exist. Because of the lack of information available on the supposed toxic effects of cellar spider venom in humans, the myth about cellar spiders’ venom being particularly poisonous remains a myth. As there is no scientific evidence supporting the deadly poisonous supposition of cellar spider bites, there is no reason to believe that this myth is true.

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