Deer Ticks

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Deer Tick Facts

  • Deer ticks have 8 legs and are closely related to spiders and scorpions.
  • They feed on living animal and human tissue and are only 2mm in size.
  • Deer ticks are commonly found on people and animals that have spent a lot of time outdoors.

Tick Photos

Deer Tick Infestation

Deer ticks, unlike some other ticks aren’t usually found in homes, because they cannot survive well indoors. Usually, deer ticks are escorted indoors on your family pets or on you and your loved ones. When returning from woodland walks, check yourself and your family for deer ticks. Deer ticks are very small and not easy to spot.

Tick-proof your four-legged friends
Dogs and cats who venture into tall grass or who spend a good deal of time outdoors, should be thoroughly checked for ticks on a regular basis, and should be protected against fleas and ticks with oral or topical prevention products available at retail stores and at your vet’s office. If you spot a tick on one of your family’s pets, it’s likely the others may also have ticks so this is not something you should put off for later.

If you notice any kind of tick in your home, contact a pest control professional, such as Truly Nolen and schedule a free pest inspection with our expert technicians.

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