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What people are saying about Truly Nolen of Lakeland

Both Troy T and Allen L should be given employees of the year. Both went out of their way to explain how and why, the process needed to make sure our Termite problem was corrected. This was on our yearly inspection. We still had some termites that had stayed in a door jam and only in the door jam for almost a year. I have replaced the complete door jam. Allen has reinstalled the barrier. Again I would like say Thank You.

Rating: 4 of 5
Mike S.
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website

I am very pleased to send you this recommendation to recognize this young man. Alan definitely is an excellent representative of your company; he is mannerly, polite and job efficient. Besides he explained to me what he was doing and he went about doing his job with a high degree of professionalism. He is dedicated to his job/position and more importantly he satisfies the client/customer. Alan went the extra mile for me today advising me of the condition of the under-carriage of my home, which was quite excellent but he also told me that an air-duct was not fully connected. He connected it properly. Alan also advised me about the dead and decaying shrubs/ trees ;he checked them for living termites and treated them as a precaution. I really appreciate his thorough job/treatment and the extras that he provided. Alan does your company proud as he is an accountable and responsible employee.

Rating: 5 of 5
Dennis S.
Submitted via Truly Nolen Website



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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Lakeland:

  • Alturas, FL
  • Auburndale, FL
  • Avon Park, FL
  • Babson Park, FL
  • Bartow, FL
  • Bowling Green, FL
  • Bradley, FL
  • Cypress Gardens, FL
  • Dundee, FL
  • Eagle Lake, FL
  • Eaton Park, FL
  • Eloise, FL
  • Florence Villa, FL
  • Fort Meade, FL
  • Frostproof, FL
  • Gibsonia, FL
  • Highland City, FL
  • Homeland, FL
  • Indian Lake Estates, FL
  • Kathleen, FL
  • Lake Alfred, FL
  • Lake Hamilton, FL
  • Lake Placid, FL
  • Lake Wales, FL
  • Lakeland, FL
  • Lorida, FL
  • Loughman, FL
  • Mulberry, FL
  • Nichols, FL
  • Polk City, FL
  • Sebring, FL
  • Venus, FL
  • Wahneta, FL
  • Wauchula, FL
  • Waverly, FL
  • Winter Haven, FL

ZIPs Served by Truly Nolen of Lakeland:

33801, 33803, 33805, 33809, 33810, 33811, 33812, 33813, 33815, 33820, 33823, 33825, 33826, 33827, 33830, 33834, 33835, 33838, 33839, 33840, 33841, 33843, 33846, 33847, 33849, 33850, 33851, 33852, 33853, 33855, 33857, 33858, 33859, 33860, 33862, 33863, 33868, 33870, 33871, 33872, 33873, 33875, 33876, 33877, 33880, 33881, 33884, 33898, 33960

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