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Spring Weather Brings Termite Swarms  

Posted On: 03/26/2021

As you start your spring yard work, it is important to keep an eye out for tiny pests that can cause major problems—termites. Even if you only spot a few termites, this is cause for alarm. Termite colonies average 3 million members, but there have been documented cases of colonies containing 70 million termites, and these massive populations grow exponentially during the summer months when termite queens lay up to 30,000 eggs a day. It is easy to see why you need to act immediately if you see any termites in or around your property. It is especially important to be vigilant in the springtime, when termite colonies awaken, swarm in search of mates and food sources, and seek to establish new colonies. While termites play a vital role in nature by breaking down dead wood and other plant material, they can cause serious damage to your home. It is estimated that these tiny pests cause an estimated 5 billion dollars in damages in the United States each year, with the average home suffering $7,900 in damages before termites are even detected!

Schedule a Home Inspection with Truly Nolen Atlanta

The first step to protecting your home from termite damage is to schedule a thorough inspection of your property from a trusted termite control company. At Truly Nolen, our trained professionals will provide you a thorough inspection, customized and individualized assessment, and treatment plan tailored to your home's construction type, material, and age.

The Truly Nolen Total Termite Protection Plan

Our Total Termite Protection Plan combines above and below ground treatments, making it the most innovative and complete termite protection plan offered in the United States. Our trained professionals go above and beyond to provide you with termite control by treating interiors, exteriors, and hard-to-reach places like wall voids and moldings. Most other termite control companies only provide your home with protection against one type of termite, but the Truly Nolen Total Termite Protection Plan is effective against all termites.

Termites Don’t Stand a Chance Against Truly Nolen Atlanta

Dont get caught with a huge repair bill, protect your home and business with the most innovative and complete termite coverage offered in the United States—the Truly Nolen Termite Total Protection Plan! Qualified homes can also take advantage of our $1 Million Guarantee which means we will repair any new structural damage caused by a new termite infestation. Call us today at (678) 561-2847 or visit our website to request your free inspection.

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