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Truly Nolen | Columbus and Mansfield, OH | Bed Bug Control

If you have bed bug, you need the best bed bug control. Bed bugs are parasites that are commonly found in sleeping areas of homes and hotels. Typically, they feed off of humans during the night and then stay hidden around sleeping areas during the day. An adult bed bug has a flat round body about the size of an apple seed. It ranges in color from brown to red, depending on when it last fed. Right after feeding, the bug is a bright red color which gradually fades to brown as it digests the human blood. Bed bugs are born lighter in color and turn brown as they mature. Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate because they can hide anywhere in your home. They can be in closets, walls, clothes, stuffed animals, games, furniture, carpeting, and, of course, your mattress. A combination of effective treatments provides guaranteed results!


Truly Nolen of Columbus & Mansfield's first step in bed bug control and eradication is heat treatment. It is proven that bed bugs cannot survive sustained temperatures between 120 and 135 degrees F. Temperatures at this level will kill all bed bugs at all life stages, making heat treatment one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs. Heat is an effective treatment because bed bugs can't hide from heat. Without it as part of your treatment process, you're in for a lengthy battle against bed bugs.

While it's not likely that bed bugs will survive heat treatment, they do reproduce quickly and it's essential that we get them all at once. As no single treatment is 100% effective against bed bugs, so we don't stop after heat is applied. For total bed bug control and your peace of mind, we also perform a barrier treatment that will kill any surviving bed bugs when they come of hiding for a meal. Additionally, we apply a dust treatment into void areas where bed bugs are likely to hide. And, lastly, we use a special vacuum to remove bed bugs, their eggs, and their shed skins from your home.


Thermal Radiation® heaters gradually increase the interior temperature to 120 to 135 degrees F (49 to 57 degrees C). Bed bugs, as well as stored product pests, of all life stages are physically unable to survive when exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time. Once lethal temperatures are reached, custom designed high temperature fans evenly circulate the heated air throughout the area being treated ensuring challenging spots, such as cracks and crevices, are reached.

Strategically placed temperature sensors are remotely monitored to ensure all areas are achieving the required temperature. Technicians remotely monitor temperature sensors on a computer up to 800 feet away from the treatment area. This computer provides a detailed temperature overview report, which is automatically generated at the conclusion of the treatment.

Insect heat treatment is effective when a controlled application process is followed which involves the introduction of heat, airflow management, and close monitoring.


Bed bugs are introduced into an environment by humans rather than pressures from outside, like other insects, so no pest control company can guarantee that you will not have a re-infestation of bed bugs. We do, however, guarantee that we will eliminate your current infestation. Here's how it works. Following the initial treatment, we schedule 2 additional inspection visits - one 2 weeks post-treatment and one 4 weeks post-treatment. If any bed bugs are found, we will retreat at no additional charge to you.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it's important to begin treatment at the first sign of an infestation.  Contact us today to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

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