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Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal

Here we focus on the elimination of bee swarms not protected by a cavity or constructed comb or hive.

Most feral bee colonies in the southern United States are of the Africanized variety. As this variety serves no purpose and poses a danger to humans and animals, eradication is recommended. At certain times of the year, part of the colony separates to form a swarm and flies off in search of a new home. While a swarm will land on a surface to rest for a period of time before moving on, the presence of this mass may present challenges and cause undue stress to employees and customers.

The INSPECTION process begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection for pest IDENTIFICATION and DETERMINATION of a course of action. Because bees pose a danger, the pest professional does not ask the customer to accompany him during the inspection phase.

RECOMMENDATION - Monitoring Coverage

COMMUNICATION - The pest control professional understands the importance of communication with his customer. Once the job is completed, he discusses with the customer, either in person or by phone, his inspection findings and treatment activities imposed. The professional also lets the customer know that some straggler bees may return to the site over the next 48 hours, but will eventually die or leave his location.

A thirty day guarantee is provided.*High access fee charged for bee work at height above 20 feet.

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