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Truly Nolen | Phillips and Grand Island, NE | About Us

Truly Nolen Story

Yes, there really was a man named Truly!  Truly Nolen was founded by Truly Wheatfield Nolen in Miami, Florida in 1938.  His son, Truly David Nolen, joined forces with him after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Entomology.  Together, they expanded and improved the pest control business. 

Truly David saw his customers as family.  In doing so, he got pest control right.  It was his vision for you to be protected by proactive pest control that you’re proud of and see it as a sign of good housekeeping, done in an environmentally responsible way, and made affordable by serving you and your neighbors.  It’s a philosophy and passion that continues to drive President Scarlett Nolen today. 

We proudly offer services for a wide variety of pests ranging from ants and roaches to termites and rodents.  Check out our pest, termite, rodent, and commercial services!

Your Local Truly Nolen Franchise

This Truly Nolen franchise is proudly owned and operated by Paradise Corporation.

Service Areas

This location services the following communities:

Alda, NE; Amherst, NE; Archer, NE; Armada, NE; Assumption, NE; Aurora, NE; Axtell, NE; Ayr, NE; Belle Prairie, NE; Benedict, NE; Bixby, NE; Blue Hill, NE; Bradshaw, NE; Burress, NE; Cairo, NE; Cameron, NE; Cedar, NE; Central City, NE; Chapman, NE; Chapman, NE; Cherry Creek, NE; Clarks, NE; Clay Center, NE; Cordova, NE; Cosmo, NE; Cowles, NE; Denman, NE; Denver, NE; Deweese, NE; Doniphan, NE; Eaton, NE; Edgar, NE; Elm Creek, NE; Exeter, NE; Fairfield, NE; Fairmont, NE; Gardner, NE; Geneva, NE; Gibbon, NE; Giltner, NE; Giltner, NE; Glenvil, NE; Grafton, NE; Grand Island, NE; Grand Island, NE; Hamilton, NE; Hampton, NE; Hanover, NE; Hansen, NE; Harvard, NE; Hastings, NE; Hayland, NE; Heartwell, NE; Henderson, NE; Holstein, NE; Hordville, NE; Ingleside, NE; Inland, NE; Juniata, NE; Kearney, NE; Keene, NE; Kenesaw, NE; Kronborg, NE; Lake, NE; Leicester, NE; Little Blue, NE; Lowell, NE; Lushton, NE; Lynn, NE; Marquette, NE; Marshall, NE; Martin, NE; Mayfield, NE; Mc Cool Junction, NE; Midland, NE; Miller, NE; Milligan, NE; Milton, NE; Minden, NE; Mirage, NE; Newark, NE; Norman, NE; Odessa, NE; Ohiowa, NE; Oneida, NE; Ong, NE; Pauline, NE; Phillips, NE; Phillips, NE; Pleasanton, NE; Poole, NE; Prairie Center, NE; Prosser, NE; Ravenna, NE; Riverdale, NE; Riverside Park, NE; Roseland, NE; Rosemont, NE; Rusco, NE; Saronville, NE; Sartoria, NE; School Creek, NE; Sedan, NE; Sharon, NE; Shelton, NE; Sherman, NE; Shickley, NE; Silver Lake, NE; Sodtown, NE; South Loup, NE; South Minden, NE; South Platte, NE; Spencer Park, NE; Spring Ranch, NE; St Michael, NE; Stockham, NE; Strang, NE; Sutton, NE; Sweetwater, NE; Thayer, NE; Thornton, NE; Trumbull, NE; Vieregg, NE; Vieregg, NE; Waco, NE; Wanda, NE; West Blue, NE; Wilcox, NE; Wood River, NE; York, NE; Zero, NE

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