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Pigeon and Other Nuisance Birds

Pigeons and other birds such as Starlings and House Sparrows can pose a serious health threat due to their close proximity to humans. These urban dwellers have completely adapted to our way of life and thrive in our buildings and eat our food.

If you would be outraged to find a colony of rats living in your attic, you should be equally upset to find pigeons nesting in your attic. In terms of disease and damage, rodents and pigeons are similar. Birds are the perfect vessel for spreading disease, they travel great distances and harbor over forty different parasites and can host over sixty types of infectious diseases.

5 Ways Diseases are passed from Birds to Humans

  1. Food and water contaminated with Feces
  2. Inhalation of Fecal Dust
  3. Direct Contact with Feces
  4. Contact with the Bird- Birds harbor over forty types of parasites and host over sixty infectious diseases
  5. The diseases live in the birds environment and are spread by the bird to the places she lives

How to evaluate your risk from a health perspective?

  1. Look for droppings and nesting materials in the air vents.
  2. Look for birds around anywhere they are preparing or packaging food or beverages
  3. Birds living and nesting around air ducts and ventilation systems

Remember: It is not enough to remove or exclude the birds, it is critical to exterminate all the parasites and thoroughly disinfect the area they were residing.

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