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10-Year-Old Boy Truly Understands the Meaning of the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, paying it forward and giving back to those who are less fortunate than you are two common themes. On Sunday, December 13, 10-year-old Nathaniel Sandoval and his father Jorge distributed blankets to homeless people in the Santa Ana courthouse area as part of the younger Sandoval’s vision to help others in need.

Most youngsters who attend elementary school are thinking about what toys they will be getting for the holidays or which relatives they will be seeing. Jorge, the Branch Manager for Truly Nolen’s San Diego location, said his son was motivated by something he sees every day on his way to school in Santa Ana.

“One day, we were driving home from his grandparents’ house and he asked me if I could help him with something he had been thinking about,” said Jorge Sandoval. “He said he wanted to make the homeless people he sees on his way to school a little more comfortable and he wanted to provide them with blankets because they probably do not have friends and family that can help them.”

For his part, Nathaniel said he was reading a social studies book at his school in which he saw people giving blankets to the homeless. He wanted to help the people he sees everyday like the people in the book. “Once my father agreed to assist me, my father’s boss allowed me to talk to the other managers in his area by video conference and I asked them for help donating blankets as well,” said Nathaniel Sandoval. “My mother, godmother, aunts, and grandparents are also helping me collect blankets.”

Nathaniel named his project “Giving Warmth & Spreading Hope”, and with the help of his family, friends, and other Truly Nolen branches in Southern California, they will be riding around delivering blankets to those who need them. “I want to bring warmth and I want to give them hope, and I’m happy so many people have agreed to help,” said Nathaniel Sandoval. “I feel really good when I help people.”

“My son is a special kid and I could not be prouder of him,” said Jorge Sandoval. “I’m also happy so many of my co-workers as well as Nathaniel’s family members are donating blankets to help with this project.”

For those interested in donating blankets for future distribution, please call Jorge Sandoval at (714) 326-5848.

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