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Central Miami branch visits preschool

Our final event in January came fresh off the heels of sale! Our service coordinator, Luis Vidro, brand new to the company sold a fumigation to a preschool -for their playground equipment!! As Luis was building the relationship with our newest customer, Luis asked if we could come by and give away some Truly Nolen back packs, coloring books and other items! The pre-school was very accepting and invited us in! So on January 29th, all the service coordinators took to the streets in thier mouse cars! The kids were so excited to see the caravan of mouse cars! Once all the kids were gathered Luis began showing the kids posters of “icky” bugs. The children were mesmerized and all so attentive! In one picture you can see Service Coordinator , Jolsen DIaz with all the kids wrapped around him as he talked about “scary spiders”! One child kept yelling out, “I SAW A ROACH AT MY HOUSE!”. We all laughed in good fun! At the conclusion of the event, the youngest of the children came out to the cars and took pictures in front of the mouse cars wearing their new backpacks!

Central Miami Branch Gave Out Gift Cards

This event was led by Service Coordinator, Jolsen Diaz. Jolsen wanted to treat the good people coming in and out of Pets Supermarket with a $5 gift card from Dunkin Donuts! The Dunkin Donuts store was right next door to the pets supermarket. Jolsen and Annual Inspector, Javier Lazo had a lot of passing out the gift cards and flyswatters! Many people asked “what the catch was” and Jolsen said, “we just want to see you smile!”. The Dunkin Donuts manager was so impressed with the kind gesture that he said next time he will donate the gift cards! 

Central Miami branch feeds homeless

Service Coordinator Michael Cabanas was responsible for this most emotional event. Mike admitted that one of his deepest fears was to be homeless and he said ever since he was little he felt a “calling” to help the homeless in anyway possible. You can often find Michael serving at the local soup kitchens. In fact on Christmas Day while most of us were just waking up, Michael was at the soup kitchen serving while his family slept peacefully in their home. For this event, with the help of District Sales Trainer, Darwin Mauri, we ordered about a dozen pizzas, bought a couple of drinks and took to the streets of downtown Miami, where, Michael says, many people survive. As we drove around, any time we saw someone on the street, we stopped the car and offered a warm slice of pizza and drink. In addition, we gave out Truly Nolen Tshirts and back packs. Everyone was so thankful, and many even offered to show their thanks via video.

Central Miami branch collected toys for Miami Children’s Hospital

This event took place on January 22nd. Our Branch Admin, Deborah Hussain, spearheaded a very successful event in which we collected toys for the children of the Miami Children’s hospital. The whole branch pitched in -coming right off having donated for our Christmas Toy Drive! Our mouse parade left early in the a.m. and arrived at the front doors of the hospital where we were greeted by hospital staff! We collected enough toys to fill 3 wagons! We were told that the toys will be stored for the children’s birthdays and other events. We also provided Truly Nolen coloring books, tattoos, and more courtesy of Justin Bellet and the home office! We were all so proud to be a part of this and to be able to represent Truly Nolen for such a terrific cause!