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Central Miami branch feeds homeless

Service Coordinator Michael Cabanas was responsible for this most emotional event. Mike admitted that one of his deepest fears was to be homeless and he said ever since he was little he felt a “calling” to help the homeless in anyway possible. You can often find Michael serving at the local soup kitchens. In fact on Christmas Day while most of us were just waking up, Michael was at the soup kitchen serving while his family slept peacefully in their home. For this event, with the help of District Sales Trainer, Darwin Mauri, we ordered about a dozen pizzas, bought a couple of drinks and took to the streets of downtown Miami, where, Michael says, many people survive. As we drove around, any time we saw someone on the street, we stopped the car and offered a warm slice of pizza and drink. In addition, we gave out Truly Nolen Tshirts and back packs. Everyone was so thankful, and many even offered to show their thanks via video.

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