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Central Miami branch visits preschool

Our final event in January came fresh off the heels of sale! Our service coordinator, Luis Vidro, brand new to the company sold a fumigation to a preschool -for their playground equipment!! As Luis was building the relationship with our newest customer, Luis asked if we could come by and give away some Truly Nolen back packs, coloring books and other items! The pre-school was very accepting and invited us in! So on January 29th, all the service coordinators took to the streets in thier mouse cars! The kids were so excited to see the caravan of mouse cars! Once all the kids were gathered Luis began showing the kids posters of “icky” bugs. The children were mesmerized and all so attentive! In one picture you can see Service Coordinator , Jolsen DIaz with all the kids wrapped around him as he talked about “scary spiders”! One child kept yelling out, “I SAW A ROACH AT MY HOUSE!”. We all laughed in good fun! At the conclusion of the event, the youngest of the children came out to the cars and took pictures in front of the mouse cars wearing their new backpacks!

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