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Creepy Electricians – Crazy Tawny Ants

There’s been someone working on the wires and cables in your home. For some reason, your stove doesn’t turn on anymore. Your toaster will not lock your bread into place either. If you’re wondering what happened, the answer is quite simple: several electricians have done work on your home, and you won’t find them in the Yellow Pages.

Crazy Tawny Ant

A certain type of ant has taken Atlanta by storm, and they’re different from the usual ant suspects although they slightly resemble fire ants in color and shape. The ants are actually tawny crazy ants, an invasive species from Texas.

These peculiar “crazy” ants are much different than any ants you’d encounter in Atlanta. In fact, they’re more like termites than ants because they’re capable of very expensive damage to electrical systems found in homes and businesses – either directly or through electrical fires caused by damaged to wires and cables.

It’s important to ensure that your home or business is ant-free. Just spotting a handful of ants of any species is indicative of a bigger problem and a full-blown infestation. Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy ant guide that gives you the information you need to exclude and deal with these tiny pests.


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