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Getting Familiar with an Atlanta Predator: The Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow Spider

If a recent trip to the movies to see Spider-Man 2 has left you wanting more arachnid action, Truly Nolen Atlanta has stumbled across some of the most close-up (read: frightening) pictures of one of Atlanta’s spiders: the black widow spider (Latrodectus spp.). More than 39 known species of spiders call Atlanta and the rest of Georgia home, but none of them are as feared and respected across the world as the black widow.

Anyone who has ever encountered these spiders can easily attest to their trademark red spots on their black bodies, which serve as a warning to those who venture too close to it. Once threatened, the black widow spider’s bite delivers a dangerous latrotoxin which causes muscle spasms and severe muscle pain, elevated heart rate, abdominal cramps, and if left untreated, death

The potential bite of a black widow spider is enough to send anyone running, except for one Reddit user, BadFlag, who actively sought to capture not one, but three separate black widow spiders in order to examine them closely in a Scanning Electron Microscope, which delivers extremely high-definition images of the spiders at up to x800 magnification.

You can view the entire album here, but we have to warn our faint of heart readers or those with arachnophobia that these images of the black widow spiders may keep you up for nights, such as this one:

Black Widow Spider Closeup

As warmer temperatures are now returning to Atlanta, you can expect to see a large number of once-dormant pests making their way to homes and businesses in your area, including a black widow spider or one of the other 38 species of arachnids commonly found in Atlanta.

If you have yet to begin pest-proofing your home for the summer months ahead, it’s not too late – there are several steps you can take to keep pests out of your home. It’s always advised to have a Truly Nolen Atlanta pest expert inspect your home and provide you with guaranteed protection from all pests.

Here are some basic tips to protect your home or business from spiders like the black widow:

1. Seal and repair gaps, cracks, holes, and broken screening on the outside of your home. These are entry points that are used by pests and should be sealed with a caulk gun, putty, or some other sealant. This is known as exclusion.

2. Keep dark, cool, and dry areas around your home clean and dust them often; spiders prefer these areas in your home for the shelter they provide. Areas where spider webs are common should also be checked often.

3. Treating your home for other insects will deprive the spiders in your home from meals –ants, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes are common snacks for arachnids. If these pests are a common sight in your home, the spiders will not hesitate to show up for a feeding frenzy.

The best way to ensure that spiders remain outside of your home is to have a pest control program in place like Truly Nolen Atlanta’s Four Seasons Approach, which provides comprehensive protection against all Atlanta pests and addresses seasonal changes in pest behavior.

To learn more about keeping spiders and other pests out of your home and business, contact Truly Nolen Atlanta for a free pest inspection!

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