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Kudzu Bugs Causing a Stink in Atlanta this Summer

Kudzu Bug

Residents of Atlanta and the rest of Georgia have recently been dealing with destroyed plants, infested gardens, and a pungent smell that makes gardening an almost unbearable task. While you could point to one of the many outdoor pests as a cause of this, the culprit isn’t as familiar as you’d think — it’s actually the kudzu-eating bug, a type of stinkbug imported from Japan that has recently appeared in Georgia and other states.

The kudzu-eating bug, Megacopta cribaria, has been terrorizing Atlanta plants and homeowners for four years now, but little has been known about these pungent stinkbugs until recently. The research completed on these insects shows that they don’t provide any benefit for Georgia.

The crimes committed against Atlanta residents and homeowners include the infestation and destruction of entire fields of crops, burrowing and reproducing in large numbers, and producing an offensive smell when threatened that is enough to send anyone running.

Recently, commercial pest control sprays have been used to combat the kudzu-eating stinkbug, but pest control experts are concerned with the possibility that they will develop resistances to conventional pesticides in the near future.

One thing these bugs aren’t resistant to, however, is Truly Nolen Atlanta’s Four Seasons Pest Control program; our expert technicians know exactly how to deal with these bugs and any other Atlanta pests that could disrupt your home, regardless of any unpleasant defense mechanisms they may have. This year-long protection provides comprehensive protection that adapts to changes in pest behavior as the seasons change.

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