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Preventing infestations after water damage

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy hit, rat displacement was reported in New York City and other locations affected by the hurricane. For many, these rodents may just be the beginning of storm-related pest infestations.

Bugs need three things to survive: shelter, food and water. Moisture elimination is therefore vital to properly protecting a home from a pest infestation. East Coast homeowners should take measures to dry out their homes completely.After a storm, heavy rain, pipe leaks and wet basements can attract crickets, centipedes, cockroaches and other critters. In addition, moisture can lure in thirsty termites, which can cause severe wood damage in a short amount of time.

While a pest control professional can eliminate unwelcome visitors, there are several measures homeowners can take to keep moisture from attracting bugs. Even if  residents don't suspect water damage, they should thoroughly inspect  basements, under sinks and around water heaters for leaks. Any crevices, holes or gaps should be filled promptly.

Homeowners may also invest in a dehumidifier to drastically lower the chances of pests entering their homes. Even if a home hasn't experienced water damage, these machines are great tool to keep bugs out year-round.

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