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Toby Srebnik of Truly Nolen Interviews with Clean Crawls

Recently, Truly Nolen of America’s PR Manager, Toby Srebnik sat down with Clean Crawls for an interview. As part of his many duties here at Truly Nolen, he manages our public relations, social media and community events, working closely with local branches. Srebnik has been in the PR industry for 15 years making him a critical part of the Truly Nolen team.

He was brought in by Clean Crawls as an expert to discuss managing home pest infestations. Srebnik discussed the most common types of pest infestations like termites in the warmer months and rodents in the cooler months and he also explained how challenging it can be to get rid of bed bug infestations, depending on the severity of the situation. When asked about the causes for pest infestations in most homes, he pointed out that pests will gain entry anywhere they’re given a chance and that inside the home, cleanliness and proper food storage are key. As a result, he explained that Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons approach is the best way to go to keep pests under control, whether customers see the pests in their home or not.

Read the entire interview with Truly Nolen of America’s Toby Srebnik here.