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Tenacious Technicians Thankful to Eliminate Terrible Infestations as Thanksgiving Approaches

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, family and friends will be over to visit and enjoy delicious food and camaraderie. The last thing people want to deal with when entertaining guests is unexpectedly seeing unwelcome ones. Our Truly Nolen technicians recently shared some of their most terrible infestations to illustrate how to properly keep pests from ruining the end of November.

Service Coordinator Jeremy Hardman said he first received a lead around Halloween that stated three other companies refused service because the home was haunted. The home had been vacant for three years so Hardman got the key code to the realtors’ box and opened the door. Once inside, he and a second team member were astonished at what actually saw.

“Pack rats had chewed through a plumber’s access panel and completely destroyed the home,” Hardman said. “Every room we went through had rats running in all directions because the entire house had turned into a giant pack rat nest. They had eaten the framing off every door and most windows, rooms that had carpet had the carpet ripped apart and completely ruined.”

Hardman’s team ended up excluding rats out of the home and removing over 50 nests on the property. “Regular rodent monitoring of pressure and entry points could have helped the homeowner avoid the damage,” said Hardman. “Proper landscaping practices and knowing the wildlife around your home would have also helped.”

Service Coordinator Tom Larrabee recently had an older couple call him to handle a bed bug problem as they had been trying to take care of it for over a year. What they had been doing failed to help the problem, which caused a truly scary infestation when he visited the home.

“All of the beds in the home were completely infested to the point that the bed frames had a V-shaped metal support across the bottom that were just filled with live bed bugs,” said Larrabee. “The customers were at their wits end and needed professional help to deal with the problem.

Larrabee’s team was able to eliminate the bed bugs over the course of a one-month treatment program. “Bed bugs are an equal-opportunity pest and can easily be transported from place to place as people travel,” said Larrabee. “For prevention purposes, it’s important to watch where you put your suitcase and inspect the mattress, pillows and headboard wherever you stay on vacation. You never know who may look to travel home with you if you’re not careful.”

Don’t let the bed bugs bite this Thanksgiving! For more information about rats, bed bugs and other insects and rodents, visit our pest identifier page at  or call one of our local branches to schedule a visit.


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